Play and Development
Debbie Mobbs
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Play is what children do best. Just as we adults have occupations and roles to fulfil, you could think of playing as a child's job: it's how they learn and develop skills which will enable them to live a meaningful and healthy life as they grow into young adults.

This sounds obvious, but the most important thing regarding play is that it should be fun! When doing an activity with your child, have you ever been so caught up with the end product that you haven't stopped to look at all the skills and things your child is learning in the process? As parents, our role is to provide opportunities and encourage our children to play and have fun, and learning and development will follow naturally, often without you even realising it.

So let's get playing with our kids and have some fun!

What does playing teach our children?

  • Play is how children learn in a non-threatening situation
  • Play helps children discover their senses and how their bodies work
  • Play teaches children to socialise and interact with their environment and the people in it
  • Play develops their social, emotional, cognitive and physical (gross and fine motor) skills
  • Play teaches children how to deal with certain situations, interactions and challenges
  • Play builds a child's confidence so they can establish a positive self-esteem.

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