About Sensational Kids

Who are we?

Sensational Kids is a website through which we sell a wide range of handpicked, top quality toys and activities. Our focus is child development through play, which means everything available on our site has been carefully selected to ensure it facilitates the improvement of multiple key developmental skills of a child.

Creating a community

More than an e-commerce site, we are a community of like-minded parents and families who want to have fun with our children while still meeting their developmental needs. Look out for our “Make Sense” blog updates, featuring topics ranging from scissor skills to getting your kids ready to write, with some general parenting wisdom and advice thrown in as well!

Getting it right

Too often our children are given toys which are either too easy or too difficult for them, which means they soon lose interest and don’t benefit from them as they should. To assist you in selecting the “just right” toy, the products on our site are categorised by age, category as well as the key developmental skills.

TOP TIP Extension Activities

Each product has a number of useful extension activities that will help enhance a child's development in addition to the toy's play potential and lifespan. These activities have been devised with enthusiasm and dedication and we hope they will provide many hours of additional fun whilst enjoying your product.

Behind the Scenes

Our founder and director is Debbie Mobbs, an energetic mother of two young boys and a girl who wanted to combine her love for being a mom with her career passion of being a paediatric occupational therapist. A dream which is being realised with the launch of Sensational Kids!

Debbie trained at the University of Cape Town and has been a qualified occupational therapist for over 15 years. During this time, she has lived and worked in South Africa as well as the United Kingdom. She has special interests in the Neurodevelopmental (Bobath) and Sensory Integration approaches to intervention, and has completed a number of courses to specialise further in these areas.

Debbie has experience working with a wide variety of conditions and difficulties, including developmental delay, cerebral palsy, co-ordination difficulties, poor gross and fine motor skills and sensory integration difficulties. Her intervention has included working with children from their early years through to young adults, within educational and community settings such as mainstream and special schools, homes and nurseries.

Through Sensational Kids, Debbie hopes to empower parents to help and encourage their children to learn through play.

Debbie and Family

A Family Business

Sensational Kids is a family team initiative. While Debbie takes care of product selection and content on the site and elsewhere, Andrew manages all technical aspects of the business...and Matty, Josh and Jocelyn have been known to pack themselves in a box or two! :)


The purpose of Sensational Kids is to provide toys and activities for families to play with together. The information provided here does not replace therapy or medical care provided by a qualified therapist or medical professional. If you have concerns regarding your child and their development please seek appropriate professional advice.